Local Meetings in South Texas (near San Antonio)

We hold 2-3 meetings each day, 7 days a week, in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We currently have in-person, phone, and video conferencing meetings. Reach out to us to get more information on when and where meetings take place. If you would like more information on phone or video conferencing meetings, please contact us.

NEW TO SEXAHOLICS ANONYMOUS? Covid has forced changes to our welcoming process, but here’s what you can do today to begin your journey to recovery: Contact us! Email or phone contact option are available. We have members ready to help you find your first meeting.
You are not alone.

Any Questions? Contact Us

Due to the Covid-19 virus restrictions, please contact us to find and attend meetings by video conferencing!

PLEASE NOTE: All meetings are confidential and only for those who believe they may be suffering from sexual addiction and are seeking sexual sobriety and freedom from lust. Meetings are closed to all others.